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Suggestions on taking the actual CST exam

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Suggestions on taking the actual CST exam
by Glen Thurow - Friday, July 22, 2016, 3:43 PM

1. Read the questions carefully and be sure you know what is being asked.

2. Always pick the best answer of the choices offered. While you may think more than one choice appropriate, only one choice will be the best answer. Pick that one. Don't over think it.

3. If you are taking a paper exam, do not fill in the circle for more than one choice. Your question will be marked wrong if more than one choice is filled in.

4. On a paper exam use the pencil provided and if you erase an answer, be sure and do it completely.

5. These are open book exams. Use the index at the back of the book to search for a topic location in the text. Turn to the page listed to search for the answer.

6. When taking an exam, at a minimum bring three types of books with you; an introductory surveying book, a book on first aid, and a surveying definitions book. See the CST Program Book and my recommendations for specific text references.