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Setting up the actual CST exam

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Setting up the actual CST exam
by Glen Thurow - Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 1:18 PM

I get a lot of questions regarding how to set up a CST exam. Here is the current information offered by the CST board on this issue. More information can be found at the following link:

The exam is offered in two formats - Paper and Online. 
Online Exams will be offered any week day and on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

How To Set It Up
The exam is taken in accordance with CST testing policies at a supervised workstation. This technology makes it possible to give the test to one person at a time from a remote testing location. The greatest benefit to exam takers is the extended availability of the CST Program to locations in their community. Other benefits include getting immediate exam results at the end of the exam.
Having a proctor and location will help speed up the application process. A proctor is required by NSPS to oversee the delivery of the exam and protect its integrity. Any college instructor, professional engineer, registered land surveyor, or any disinterested third party with no potential conflict of interest can be a proctor for a CST exam. The Proctor has to agree to be in the room and observing the examinee during the entire examination. Applicants requesting a paper exam can still take their exam at a suitable testing center in accordance with CST policy. However, if an applicant can identify a suitable testing center and has an approved proctor for the exam, an on-line exam can be administered at an approved time and location. Online exams can be given Monday through Friday with any number of individuals. Saturday exams will only be available on the second Saturday of the month (see schedule above) or as modified by the CST Program due to holidays, etc. Please refer to the CST Program booklet for additional information concerning proctor and special test site requirements or call the NSPS office.